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Donna SmithHi there, my name is Donna Smith. I live near Leduc, Alberta (20 miles south of Edmonton). I have raised dogs for over 25 years, promoting various breeds of purebred dogs. In the past, I have worked as an Animal Health Technician ( A.H.T.) and a dog obedience trainer, which has produced many Conformation Champions and Obedience Trial Champions.

I am now specializing in the three pinschers, the German, the Doberman, and occasionally the Miniature. I have great admiration for these breeds because of their devoted hearts, great intelligence and ease of care.

Our pups are residing happily throughout Canada and the United States. We will ship to any location on the North American continent.
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Recessive coat colors of Pinschers. NOT ALL have a problem My experience has been that there are remedies available, if there is dryness or loss of some coats in the colors, more-so the blue/tan and some fawns. Often the vets try to treat the coat "from the ...
Bigger is not better. Today's dog problem Today's Dobermans that are larger than the breed standard, as well as other breeds, are usually prematurely dead or debilitated by 1 or more of 4 health problems. I have received countless emails o...


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